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  1. mark Noble says:

    I am myself a Somerset base artist ,but i am severe dyslixia , i am base in Street in Somerset , i have study at Bath spa in the fine artist,

    GreenScene Magazine We are so honored and thankful; world famous artist “Mark Noble” has joined our little eco-community; with a global following; this World Renowned English Artist has helped to elevate us to one more level. His art is inspired by nature, and the world around us. I encourage you to check out his work.

  2. flo fflach says:

    sounded an interesting talk at Rhôd synposium. I couldn’t make it as I am in a rural area and don’t drive. The only car coming from my area was full. Impossible by public transport so late in the evening! But Jacob Whittaker did record it so making my way through it today. I don;t want to cound churlish but I think a lot of people don;t seem to realise that there are regional arts councils, there is no single UK wide body – you suggested Thrive was a UK wide initiative. Devolution has its problems. Discussed at Pervasive Media, briefly, the problems of “cross border” projects!
    I have passed on your information to a friend of mine interested in contemporary art who lives in Dorset and works in various places in Somerset.
    It’s good to hear the experiences of different rural areas. I agreed wholeheartedly with the comments about public transport, particularly for young people who have to rely on parenst to get them to things – or more usually back from them I went to a days symposium/workshopping in Cardiff organised by engage about rural isolation. Discussions were getting quite complicated and deep, but I felt I had to point out that rural isolation was a lack of public transport! When putting on events here we have to consider that. Lift sharing/offering websites would be a good idea. I have mentioned this to my local authority arts officer a few times over the years.
    I nearly went to Dartington but had to defer due to bad health – so am now doing my M.A. through Falmouth, but I met quite a few students from there. The interesting thing was their inventiveness and energy in finding spaces, places and an audience beyond the campus. Sometimes being in a rural situation demands you be even more creatve!!
    Like the sound of some of your projects, the one with families, hope they all go well & will keep an eye out for what you’re up to.

    best wishes

  3. Paddy Howe says:

    Could I please book one of your free one to one sessions on the 20th October?

    Many thanks

    Paddy Howe

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