Cultivate 2: A Gift for Somerset

28 April – 7 June 2012
The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre

Coal Orchard, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1JL
A Reveal Somerset project

The exhibition launched with local cheese, cider and apple juice on Saturday after an intensive four-day production period, during which time OSR Projects artists interpreted conceptual gifts from Armenia, Ukraine, and the UK.  We are waiting for a package of gifts from Berlin and the exhibition will continue to evolve.

Artists participating in the production:  Jethro Brice, Megan Calver, Georgina Conroy, Simon Lee Dicker, Jon England, Hazel Evans, Gordon Field, Debbie Fieldhouse, Lucia Harley, Chantelle Henocq, Gabrielle Hoad, Sebastian King, Simon Ledson, Tim Martin, Anna Newland Iacono, Grace Richmond, Felicity Shillingford, Nick Slater, Tasha Elena Stevens-Vallecillo, Rebecca Strain.

Get involved:
– Send in a gift representing your own locality (see below)
– Join a Hoodie Flash Mob at 1pm on 23rd May, outside the Brewhouse
– Knit a Horizon for adding to the exhibition (Brenda Miller’s gift) – details here:
Knitted Horizon (Brenda Miller)

Some exhibition shots to give you a flavour of what’s happened so far:

Badge Swap Shop

Works gifted by Josip Zanki

Empty boats? Stroud and Gloucestershire (gifted by Elaine Knight)

Call to artists


Image: A gift of poison, Simon Lee Dicker

From pin badges or artisan cheese to pandas, gifts often represent something unique and emblematic about their place of origin.  They are offered as a way of saying ‘I was here’, ‘This is what we are about’, or ‘we want you to share in the identity of this place’.

Artists from around the world are invited to send gifts to Somerset, representing some aspect of their own locality.  They may be bought, found, made, or conceptual gifts – including instructions for others to carry out, ideas or policies – which will accumulate in and around The Brewhouse throughout the exhibition.

You will receive a gift back with an invitation to ‘exhibit’ it in your community, which might be as simple as placing it on a bench in your local park.  You will be helping to create a global exhibition spread across time and space, with little pieces of local identity transposed from one cultural context to another where they may acquire new meanings.  We also hope to make a publication featuring all of the gifts and givers.

Somerset based transitional artists group OSR Projects will be selecting gifted instructions to enact or make.

This project is led by artist Simon Lee Dicker (OSR Projects) and independent curator Karen MacDonald with support from Tim Martin and the Brewhouse team.

To send a gift:

For conceptual gifts please email them to
Physical gifts can be sent to:
Cultivate 2: A Gift for Somerset
c/o The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre
Coal Orchard

Please send the following information with the gift:

Your name / organisation name
Your location
E-mail address if you’d like to share it
Gift title / description
Where is the gift from?
What made you choose it?
Anything else you’d like to tell us

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